He should really think of better lies, but then again, he’d been thinking on his feet and thinking on his feet never seems to work in situations like these, because he ends up coming up with the stupidest of excuses. Clearing his throat, he shivers at the touch to his neck, tipping his head to the side with a soft breath, lashes fluttering a little. There’s desire that bubbles up beneath the surface, a want to lean up and kiss the male, but he bites it back and swallows instead. “N-No, but… I-I’m still sorry…” Breathing out slowly, he licks over his lips and then gasps when he’s lifted, eyes widening, his face burrowing into the male’s neck, his legs flailing a little. When Leon plops down onto the couch, Kibum wriggles into his lap, straddling his hips before breathing out slowly, his arms curling around the male’s neck. “… It wasn’t… a bad view though, was it?” Biting down on his lower lip, he flushed again and then dropped his head to the other’s shoulder. “I’d figure it would be cute or something…”

As he’s finally seated with the younger in his lap, when he watches him carefully for a few fleeting moments, he can barely hold back the urge to chuckle. Kibum’s demeanor is always sweet, but this most probably exceeds everything he’s seen so far. His arms remain wrapped tightly around a slim waist and when the younger’s arms sneak around his neck, Leon’s eyes fall shut and he hums pleasantly. ” No more apologies, please. ” He utters calmly, prior to peering at the male again, with hues of gleaming celadon. ” You’re never a bad view, why would you think that was a bad view? I thought you knew me better than that. ” He teases, like he does so often and he leans forward a bit, to graze a smooth cheek with a gentle peck. The tint of pink upon pale cheeks it pretty and Leon shakes his head. ” It was, still is. ” He grins a bit, slipping his fingers down to cup Kibum’s ass, giving firm cheeks a squeeze. ” Cute and tempting. “ 

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Away from open streets ; Ni & Ca


    Interest that Caleb held within another vampire was usually always fleeting; typically, he would become bored with their presence after he had already used them for his own selfish needs. He would seek isolation, leave them where ever they may be, and continue on his own solitary path and leave behind for them no traces, no evidence that he had ever shared their company. That being said, it was certainly something new, especially after so many decades, that he was genuinely intrigued by the man he had met not all too long ago. Alluring. He was undoubtedly attracted, and in more ways than simply one. As he stood on the outside of a well crafted door, taking in details that were far too rare in the current century, he waited while musing over the man in question’s origin. They were Hungarian, had an accent different from Caleb’s own when they spoke in English. It was not first time he had come across an undead who hailed from the country of Hungary, but the first time he had come across a Hungarian pureblood. Perhaps, that was part of the marvel. Their scent alone had spoke of their pure bloodline, but there was a hint of something that Caleb couldn’t pinpoint, something so different from his sire’s blood. Separate from the tale of a pureblood.

Caleb was clad in Victorian clothing, as he always was, never one to find any appeal in modern era attire. A fitted black vest of silk over a carmine coloured button up shirt—long sleeves billowed at the cuffs—matched the form fitting black pants he wore, complimented by the nearly knee high boots in the same dark shade. The vest was imprinted with lace designs, similar to the lace that decorated the collar and cuffs of shirt underneath. In his arms, true to nature, was the porcelain doll he treasured.

As the door finally opened and amber was met with cerise, the corners of pale lips upturned into a faint grin, and Caleb stepped inside once motioned for. His gaze swept over the interior of the house, and he took in every detail, every little intricacy of the architecture, and it became apparent by the expression that fell over his features that he was rather delighted. Because of course, after all the modern buildings, there was finally one that held original, complex designs. It reminded him of the times he still longed for.

"This home is charming," Caleb’s own voice was sweet toned as he spoke, a trace of femininity lingering at undertones of a pretty sound. Amber landed upon Dominik. "We are very pleased."

                                            More than p l e a s e d.

Following after them once they turned, Caleb took brief interest in the tile flooring of the home, how beautiful it was as it sparkled. The sound of heels clicking against crafted marble was enjoyable.

                                          Oh, the finer things in life.

                                          "Will this drink be warm?"

                                                        — Peculiar, would be the least thing to say he had been, when choosing his new spot to live, where he’d let his life root itself. For a moment at least, fleeting or long lasting. To be frank he hadn’t expected to stay this long, to lead his life on a whim for more than one entire year.  But it was easy enough, making a living out of nothing, and he really needed the rest. The peace he could extract form living on his own without someone nagging at him for forgetting chores or missions he should have committed to ages ago. The simplicity of committing to a hunt he had chosen on his own, on his own accord. He was no longer the blood hound of another clan, he was his own being and he had been for fifty years. They were on his heel, searching for him of course, but he wouldn’t let them find him. Discovery would mean a quick, instant death as far as he knew. Though, how could they — whom had forge him with such care — turn him into dust? If anything, it would be the other way around and it made him smirk, just in the faintest as the thought crossed his mind.  

Albeit knowing he had drifted, his eyes soon refocused by the older being, visiting the graces of his home and he was truly proud of open spaces and luxurious halls. It was magnificent, reminded him of places he had seen, places he had wanted to stay. Never had he been anywhere for too long. Curios, where his hues as they observed, studied each curve and crevice of a perfect stature, a perfect frame. Thrilling was the least he could call a moment like this, when exposing himself to an ambrosia-like scent like this. It made his every sense stand on edge, made his skin crawl with desires unfulfillable at that exact moment. Too much respect and too many unanswered questions lingered still, together with his own interest and killing someone as prettily insane as this one seemed like a true waste of energy. It’d be much more amusing to keep him alive, to keep his eyes on him and study every little twist in that old mind.

Partly, because Dominik wanted to see…  

                                               If he could recognize himself.

                                                                                            In any of it.

An eye trailed along pretty clothing for a moment, a pleasantly pretty smile curving the crusnik’s lips and he stepped back even further, to guide the elder into his home, accepting the given compliment. ” Thank you, for your generous statement. This home is much to my own pleasure, and brings me much pride. It makes living in modern times a bit more easy for me. ” His explanation was simple, as steps echoed quietly through open halls and he stopped upon reaching his lounge, gesturing for the vampire to sit, if he so desired too.  

                                         ” If you wish it to be, it can be arranged. ”  

Dominik nodded, pivoted on his heels to head back into his kitchen, where the expensive bottle and his two glasses had been left, returning moments later with all three items in hand. He set them down on the small table with ease, seating himself a moment later. At a proper distance from the other of course. Everything because of courtesy and grace. details kept in mind. Where these values came from was unknown to him, why he knew such simple things as how to place a glass in relation to a plate when setting a table. It had never been part of his education when younger, but even so he had known it since childhood.  Wrapping his head around the royal heritage his name brought with it was difficult enough, and he was quite sure it must have been a wronged statement.

                                            ” Please, make yourself comfortable. ”

His voice, soft as silk as he spoke, heavy and smooth as velvet and dark like the depths of night, it held authority but also kindness in the way it rumbled. He worked on getting the bottle open with ease, poured some into both glasses, basked in the faint scent of blood that graced the empty air. ” Blood wine. “He then stated, another grin curling at his lips.

                                          “Heated or chilled, dear guest?” 

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Away from open streets ; Ni & Ca

                    — As gentle as a summer breeze, his footsteps were silent, as if he wasn’t even moving in the first place. It was another talent of his, one he barely gave any thought to. For what kind of crusnik would he be if unable to sneak upon his very prey? The creatures lying dormant when the sun rose to light up the sky. Another gift, he didn’t carry the skin of the reaper. He might be pale, heart beating strongly in his chest albeit exceeding the age of one hundred and eighty. But he did not consume the blood of any human, thus wasn’t punished by the gods watching over them from above. Luxurious, it might be, to be granted the ability to daywalk. But the sad truth still lingered and Dominik feared the burn of the sun either way. Because he had experienced it once, when relieved of his protective onyx earring at the age of ten. He never wanted to experience such a burning sensation ever again. Now after so many years, he had only tried it once more, baffled by the lack of pain caused by luminous rays. But he deemed it to be a coincidence rather than a fact.

                                                                         Better to be safe than to be sorry. 

A grin curled over his lips, a playful one at that, as eased fingers grasped for a beautifully crafted wine glass — careful as he held it between slim fingers. Dominik set it down on the counter, alongside the one he had plucked down earlier. He waited, knew that any second now, he would be joined by someone. He was merely getting through preparations, to make sure the elder would feel at home. Or at least not feel strained. Too much effort perhaps but Dominik always wanted things to be as perfect as they could be. The knock on his door spoke of the vampire’s arrival and the crusnik smirked to himself, leaving glistening classes and the opened bottle of bloodwine on the counter.

Dominik moved gracefully though the apartment, over polished flooring as dragging gentle fingers along the wall to his right. A simple, habitual action. The little spark of anticipation lit in his chest, increased the closer he got to his own door and the smirk remained to curve his lips upwards as prettily as ever. They were both prettily twisted creatures, different but still so very much alike each other. It was, one of the many reasons to why Dominik held such an interest in the older being. He had heard a lot about him after all.  

                                                                                                                     A living legend. 

His fingers curled around the  handle of the door, pushing it down and opening for his guest. His smirk shifted milliseconds prior, replaced by a smug grin as he stepped back, gesturing for the blond to step inside. ” You made it I see. ” His voice, a pleasant velvety echo before he shut the door behind Caleb’s back. ” Welcome to my home. ”  He spoke lowly, wit confidence as always, voice rumbling low in his chest.  

" May I offer you a drink? Or would you rather not?"

He questioned, head tipping to the right before he turned on his heels, to guide the male further into his own home.

                                                           Into his own crypt. 

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Dominik Emil Adorján Császár [ Ciro


❝ Remain curios, it is all we can do. The world is filled with wonders, good and bad. We only lead one life, long or short and we should all live it to its full extent. Or we shall be overcome with regret. ❞

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ɪ ᴍɪssᴇᴅ ʏᴏᴜ ᴀʟʟ ᴀʟᴏɴɢ † ᴀʟᴇᴋsᴇɪ + ᴄᴀʟᴇʙ


    Amber broke away from amber only to watch delicate snowflakes drift through brisk air; a gift of manipulation his sire possessed but hadn’t been showcased for Caleb in over two long centuries. It was fascinating, the way his prince could control frozen water as if it were merely an extension of their own body, make it move to their bidding. The British vampire had never been gifted with such powers, could not manipulate any of the natural elements like his maker, but he had been blessed with other fatal abilities that had served to create a legend out of him. Caleb was, perhaps, the only one out of any of them that could communicate with the dead, could be handed over information about the past and future alike, and use it to his advantage. Caleb could feel things that no one else could feel.


Soft laughter resonating through the empty park, as soft as the snow around them, was a sound so familiar to him even after such a long time apart. The sound of Aleksei’s voice had always been pleasant to Caleb’s ears, falling comfortably over him like silk, and he had always favoured the tone of their chords; how deep but how smooth, supreme but serene all the same. Whatever chaotic flurry that had been spinning uncontrollably inside of Caleb ever since the world began to change was pacified just from hearing. Not contained, not controlled, but soothed, and Caleb stepped forward when he was reached for, leveled their gazes once again, the vague crunching of snow beneath black boots breaking through the brief moment of silence that had fallen.

Insanity and blood lust and desire were all swimming within amber oceans, everything that had always been there since he had been altered for eternity. If Aleksei was searching for something, anything new, printed words of stories left unspoken by pretty lips, then all of it, surely, would be easily readable with a little attention and care. Like an old book that needed simply to be dusted and opened; nothing else. Crimson red hues instead of warm shades of hazel spoke more boldly, loudly, left the pages wide open for all to read more than anything else, because with red eyes Caleb had tore through humanity, had seen and done things that rumours and tales could not speak about. He was never more himself than when he was gleefully suffering from perpetual madness with a gaze the shade of blood. With the world’s aging and changing, Caleb was genuinely astray. And perhaps, that feeling managed to show itself, was hiding between everything else that was readable upon his visage.

Those pale lips curled again, revealed fangs again that Caleb had never given thought to concealing before, had never needed to, until the more recent decades. He was unable, or at the very least, he assumed he was unable, though he was aware of the fact that Aleksei could retract theirs of their own free will. “I seek your presence as well,” previous state of joy seemed to slowly dissipate, grin dropping as the wheels inside began slowly turning. “Everything has changed,” Caleb’s gaze fell upon the doll in his arms. “Everything is so loud… noisy. There are too many lights and I can only… I can no longer have as many… it’s been three nights and I have only had sixteen…”

A few more steps forward were taken, the space between them close to disappearing completely. With a pale, thin hand, Caleb reached forward to take hold of his sire’s arm, manicured nails of black bold against their pallid skin as well as his own. With a whisper, he spoke, amber hues flashing red only for a brief moment, as he sought Aleksei’s gaze once again. “Even right now, I can’t see them—I can’t hear the stars anymore. In this place…”

                            "The humans won’t let us have fun anymore…"

                                     Gentle, was the dust of a breeze upon his cheeks. The snowflakes were slowly escaping his grasp, the strands of hair decorating his crown were ruffled, white slipping bast their boundaries and Aleksei chuckled with outmost calmness. It was a fair rarity, to see him pleased with the ways of the world, but how could he not be when everything was seemingly falling back into place? When what was his was slowly regained, little by little? It filled him with pride, with comfort and content at most occasions and the joy over finally finding his lost son was nothing aside from blissful. Beauty had been frozen for so many years, and the siberian prince had been convinced that a reunion would never come — saw it as an impossible, unfulfillable wish of his own. But it seemed, like the gods above had granted him the solitary thing he found himself wanting with the deepest parts of his own soul. Albeit committing so many sins. 

                                 Our sins are what will set us free. 

His laughter echoed peacefully, slowly united with the silence and darkness of a grim december night. And as it died down, Aleksei’s amber hues faltered for a mere sliver of a second, looking past his progeny and studying frostbitten branches of graceful trees. He snapped back quickly however, as his silent demand had been responded to and the young one moved closer. Gladsome he was, as he watched graced steps, as he listened to the displeased sounds of crushed snow. It was a meaningful moment, one that would determine wether things would change or if they would come to remain separate. To the pureblood, the latter was not a proper option. He wanted to assemble his own family, although some strings had been more severed than others. Bridges burned to such an extent that not even the strongest of wood nor the finest of marble could rebuild them. It didn’t cause Aleksei any grief however, he was not one to remain dormant in response to treason. And the one who had abandoned him was Vladimir, not the other way around.

The thought made his lips twist for a moment, expression stern for a couple of seconds before it returned to gentleness and bliss. Before his mind settled with the thoughts that ultimately kept him calm. He had heard every tale, every legend. Stored every single word in the back of his mind but one could only tell so much form the words of others and his curiosity was boiling within ash-filled veins. Because as twisted as he had grown to be himself, the trail of corpses left behind him now exceeding one million people, those merely slaughtered to sate his never ending hunger, he knew his own name was known to many of those whom belonged the the more occult side of their current society. Even the king of hell himself had come to pay his respects. Another source of pride for the vampire, a great one at that. One could almost consider him humanity’s own executioner, for as many lives as he had stolen, calling him something else would be an understatement. He had lived for three thousand years, and if he could decide, he would live for many many more.  

                             There would be, no death

                                                                                                                                in sight.

As the curl of pale lips became evident to old hues, the siberian king couldn’t keep his own away, the curve of perfect tires growing a bit wider and thus baring the sharp edges of his elongated canines. A chuckle, echoed briskly. Cut through the chill of night and his eyes shut tightly for a moment, as fingers curled around his arm and the presence of his young one was made final. Aleksei’s own hand was quick to seek the perfect curve of a slim shoulder, thumb rubbing over thinly layered fabric. ” My dearest, time always changes. ” He stated calmly, amber orbs bared to the blue moon yet again.

"Time changes and so does society, it all moves forth and makes life more difficult for us whom prefer the older ways. But even so, there are still ways to get around. Alas, we have to be more careful." He sought the younger’s gaze for yet another time, blinking slowly as letting silence remains for a moment, in all its own suspicious glory. " Sixteen in three nights is a good amount in these times of constant observation. You have skill and speed and I assume that is your advantage. If you choose to remain with me, I will offer to teach you the ways of the new age. " He nodded slowly, brows furrowing just slightly at the last few words falling from pretty lips.

                        ” And I shall, try to reconnect you with your stars, dearest. “

                        ” For I know where the sky is just as dark as it used to be.”

                           ” Where the sea of light pollution will not disturb you. “ 

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She had come in early that morning. Sleeping in had been a useless little attempt and it makes her sigh as she rearranges the lilies recently grown by the shop’s owner. The tall man with the glasses and green eyes. He’s kind, very kind and she thinks he pays her a bit too much out of pity. But it’s nothing she dares complain about, nothing she hates either. Albeit the worth of money being quite unclear to her still. She hums a gentle tune, wanders around the rather large shop like she always does. Her hair is neatly braided, a few loose strands falling prettily over her shoulder as she bends to converse with her roses. They look a bit droopy and she wants to cheer them up. It might seem strange, the way she takes care of each flower and plant that lingers within these confinements, but it is what she has been born to do, and she does it with happiness. It’s all she knows after all. And after a few encouraging words, the red petals flourish again and Yerim smiles innocently, clasping her hands together behind her back as she returns to her post behind the register, elbow on the counter and chin resting in her hand. Her eyes close for a moment, only to re-open again at the familiar chime of the bell, signaling the arrival of a customer. A brief moment of surprise and then she’s bowing her head, offering up another pleasant smile. ” Welcome. “ 


Luhan didn’t mind the silence that stretched between them. It wasn’t an uncomfortable one. Instead, he just enjoyed being so close to the other after so long. Nothing could have pried him apart from Leon in that moment.

"I don’t like it when work takes you far away," the younger muttered, remembering when the vampire had been called away for almost a month to Russia because of clan business. As the fingers kept running through his hair, he pushed his head more into Leon’s hand, the rumble in his chest getting louder. The melancholic smile on his lover’s face made him stop. "You haven’t been cruel to me…" Luhan reached up to cup cold cheeks as arms wound tightly around his middle, and he let Leon press them close together. "When were you cruel?"

A light breath escaped parted lips, eyelids slanting as he pressed closer to the younger, arms tightening around the frail frame as he pressed a gentle kiss to Luhan’s forehead. Treasuring these moments, was something Leon always would do.  Because as it seemed now, he didn’t know how many of them they’d have. Not after how things had turned out in the past. ” I don’t like it either. “

Celadon orbs focused by neat, pretty features, melancholy written across his irises as he hung his head low. ” Before we… separated… I remember that we fought a lot, and I remember leaving for a while, for a few days I think? Was it?” He mumbled, teeth grazing his lower lip. ” I remember harsh words very clearly. ” He looked up properly, nuzzling against Luhan’s left hand gently, pressing a kiss to his palm. ” I was cruel and selfish I believe. “

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